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Thursday 07.12.2023 start 22:00



  • Talpah & Deepho Live
  • s.a.t.i.n - Ireen Amnes & Infinity Division Live
  • Shapednoise weight looming

Stemming from the eclectic spirit of Italian DJ and artist Alberto Guerrini aka Gabber Eleganza, Never Sleep is a multi-facetted platform dedicated to showcasing new and established artists who represent rave and post-rave culture as well as a broader DIY aesthetic and hardcore aesthetic. After their showcase last winter, they return to Säule for a Thursday night of intense sounds. S.A.T.I.N., consisting of Ash Luk (aka Infinity Division) and Ireen Amnes, will be performing a live set of their esoteric, dystopian electronic soundscapes. Talpah and Deepho make their Germany debut with experimental hip-hop – think Death Grips and Anti-Pop Consortium. No stranger to Berlin, Shapednoise will bring a hybrid set of techno, drill and noise.