Thursday 15.02.2024 start 22:00



  • Max Cantrell
  • Sha Ru Live
  • Oldyungmayn

Based in New York City and Berlin, Ma Sha and Rù make music together as Sha Ru, having released on Infinite Machine, Pressure Dome, Progressive Future and Shubzinv. New Yorker Max Cantrell started producing music at the age of 15. After releasing on labels such as Puppy Tape and Magdalena's Apathy, he started focusing on harder techno and psy-trance with higher tempos. Over time, his sound began to evolve and become more minimalist, reminiscent of classic techno from the 90s and 00s. Inspired by these sounds, Max founded his own label, a podcast and a party series called Tantra. In both his productions and performances, Egyptian DJ Oldyungmayn is influenced by the 90s rave era, sharp-edged sound design and a wide range of music from other West Asian producers.