Tuesday 30.04.2024 doors 20:00 start 20:30

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  • Malu
  • Love Songs Live
  • Kulku Live


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Kulku and Phase Group are proud to invite you to the release party of the new album Reset to be on the 30th April, in Berlin.

Formed in Berlin at the turn of the millennium, Kulku have evolved as a highly unique and free-formed collective of musicians that make trance-inducing, jazz-entwined, percussive and soulful (mostly) acoustic music that takes cues from the rhythmic propulsion of Jaki Leibezeit’s Can, the street-folk of Moondog, the minimalism of Steve Reich, and the droning rock n’ roll of the Velvet Underground, forming a sound that they themselves have coined ‘No-Age Krautrock’.

Following on from last year’s sold out debut LP Fahren, Reset To Be offers 5 new songs across 2 sides of vinyl. This is a record that perfectly showcases the unique identity the band have been developing over the past 20 years, a sound crafted through experimentation and innovation with primarily acoustic instruments; droning harmoniums, repetitive and phasing xylophones, timpani, cello, scrap metal and woodwind reeds, all sitting alongside soulful saxophone and the voice of frontman Andreas Riska, singing in both German and English.

Love-songs is the cosmic electro-acoustic trio from Hamburg consisting of Thomas Korf (electronics, vocals), Sebastian Kokus (bass) and Manuel Chittka (drums, percussion). Their music is a hypnotic blend of psychic and percussive krautrock that has found a home on labels like Kame House and Bureau B. Their upcoming album Passive Progressive will be released on Phase Group in 2024.

Completing the lineup is Malu, a versatile DJ and resident of Radio Relativa in Madrid for which she presides over the excellent Don De Lenguas Show.

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