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Tuesday 28.05.2024 doors 19:30 start 20:00

Kantine am Berghain


  • Akari Live
  • Tolstoys Live



In the hallowed lands of Berlin, there dwells a band known as Tolstoys whose lineage traces back to the distant realms of Slovakia, New Zealand and Germany. In April they will unveil their latest opus, No Limit To Love; a mystical tapestry woven from the ethereal threads of witchy Slavic trip-hop and the ancient harmonies of hippie psychedelia. Their live show is honest yet mysterious, wild but vulnerable, full of human warmth, sexy rhythms, old spells and new joy. Let it kindle the fires of your soul and lead you on an unforgettable adventure where love knows no bounds and the heart finds solace in the realm of song.

Support Akari blends the boundaries between Soul, Neo- jazz, and 70’s pop to create a powerful, moving sound with deep-rooted groove, captivating harmony and catchy melodies that you’ll be singing to yourself for days. Founded and based in Berlin the five-piece has since its inception cultivated a rich and unmistakable sonic signature, taking inspiration from Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye to contemporary artists such as Michael Kiwanuka, Hiatus Kaiyote or Butcher Brown.

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