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After the release of a trilogy of acclaimed EP’s (Low 2018, Grounded 2020, Womb 2021) and following a successful European tour in autumn 2022 zeug started their next ambitious chapter - a double LP, self written, and produced and released independently - which matches the bands creative purpose - to achieve sonic enlightenment, where chaos and harmony meet together through challenging improvisations, musical balances and disputes.

The foundations of the album were recorded live aboard MS Loretta - a small floating arc for pilgrims and sound worshippers of the left field, the noisy and the obscene floating on the banks of the river Weser in Bremen. Innovative production methods were used as a result of zeug's stubborn recording philosophy, everything recorded at source, with no audio effects or post-production allowed.

Additional collaborators were stamped onto the record at der große Wasserspeicher in Berlin - an abandoned water reservoir found in the catacombs of Prenzlauer Berg, which offers 18 seconds of natural delay. These included various horns from Berlin Philharmonie’s Michaela Špačková (Bassoon), the late Ursular’s Babette Kazzer (Saxophone) and Berlin/New York’s Jazz aficionado Niccolo Cavioli (trumpet). Additional guitar was provided by previous zeug member Henning Bahr and choral improvisations by Berlin based queer choir collective Singen3000.

Vessel is bold; the message is clear and unafraid, and its essence both chaotic and dark, humorous and melancholic. Zeug have provided an LP that deserves appreciation in these disparaging times. In a world filled with instant barren gratification through streaming services, short form clickbait sounds designed to capture our attention and to fill our basic addictions, zeug offers a defiant alternative, something imperfect and deeply expressive. Encouraging the listener to take time to experience the beautiful, sometimes uncomfortable sonic world, where chaos and harmony exist together. Anyone brave enough to sit through and experience the whole thing will emerge a changed being. Vessel is available as a double LP for pre-order on bandcamp now - the album will be released on the 21st of June 2024.

The record was supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH, with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

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