Saturday 18.09.2021 start 13:00



  • Fadi Mohem WSNWG
  • Ludwig A.F. Exo Recordings International
  • OK Williams
  • Efdemin Ostgut Ton

Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid's records from the last two or three years are among the best you could hear coming from the former techno metropolis Frankfurt am Main. On four releases on his own label, he manages the small feat of sounding totally fresh on the one hand and at the same time like lost UK classics from the mid-90s, when they still mixed genres like IDM, breakbeats, techno, trance, house and jungle with the naive exuberance of the pioneers. What stands out in all of his productions is his talent for otherworldly, enraptured melodies that even Aphex Twin ca 1993 couldn't have done more memorably. OK Williams is a “multi-faced party starter;” with her monthly NTS radio show, among other things, she shows how the historical lines of deep house and techno can be combined with UK funky and jungle, and with a lot of verve and swing. The London DJ has also just put together the fantastic Panorama Bar Playlist 06, available on all streaming platforms. Ludwig A.F. and OK Williams playing Klubgarten today alongside Efdemin and Fadi Mohem.

- The event will only take place in dry weather

- Before entering, registration with the posted QR code is mandatory

- Admission only with personal photo ID in combination with digital proof of full vaccination, a proven full recovery, or a same-day negative test result

- Wearing masks is not mandatory, can be worn voluntarily

All hygiene measures as of September 15, 2021 – please check back before event takes place in case of updates