10 Years Principe

Friday 13.05.2022 start 22:00

10 Years Príncipe

Panorama Bar

  • DJ Marfox Príncipe
  • DJ Firmeza Príncipe
  • DJ Kolt Príncipe
  • DJ Danifox

The Príncipe label has developed an absolutely contemporary, powerful Afro-Portuguese sound from the suburbs of Lisbon that has long washed up international clubs. From the beginning, Príncipe gave its artists the freedom to translate their individual diaspora stories into rhythmically complex club tracks that are influenced by Angolan folk music, kuduro, baile funk and gqom as well as house and techno. The sound is extremely elastic and the development more dynamic than many other club genres that have too often made themselves comfortable in the soft bed of predefined standards. This anniversary party will feature a young, newer Príncipe artist in form of Leeds-based DJ Danifox, as well as DJ Marfox, who contributed the label's first catalogue number.