AD 93 Artwork by Nicola Tirabasso [@visio____]

Friday 30.09.2022 start 22:00

AD 93

Panorama Bar

  • Tasker AD 93
  • Bradley Zero
  • Bambounou AD 93
  • Paquita Gordon

AD 93 remains a label that surprises with every release. Although a lot of what Nic Tasker has released on his platform in the past months alone won’t be defined as club music: From the imaginary medieval music of Polish composer Wojciech Rusin to the sloppy leftfield electronica of Luis (an alias of DJ Python) to the teenage angst indie rock of IVVVO. Still, of course, Tasker is still strongly rooted in the dancefloor, which is reflected in the programming for tonight's AD 93 night at Panorama Bar. Parisian Bambounou has represented a modern techno sound for more than a decade and, after several dancefloor stompers, most recently released an experimental doomcore EP inspired by the unfinished architecture of the Sagrada Família. Brit Bradley Zero runs the Rhythm Section International label and party series of the same name, releasing house, funk and jazz-influenced music from around the world. And Paquita Gordon is an Italian-born vinyl DJ and resident of Milan's Terraforma festival, whose genre-transcending sets fit perfectly with AD 93's anything-goes philosophy.