Saturday 01.04.2023 start 23:59



  • Adiel Danza Tribale
  • Tobias. Live Ostgut Ton
  • Quelza Palinoia
  • rRoxymore Don't Be Afraid
  • Len Faki Figure
  • Freddy K Key Vinyl
  • Nene H Live From Earth

Panorama Bar

  • Jennifer Loveless
  • ELKKA Technicolour
  • Nathalie Seres Never Not Now
  • Ross From Friends
  • Etapp Kyle Ostgut Ton
  • Channel Tres
  • Josh Caffé Phantasy Sound
  • Octo Octa T4T LUV NRG

Young French producer Quelza delivers a breaky, IDM-schooled techno hybrid sound that combines intense kick drums and shredded amen breaks in such a compelling way that even a certain Efdemin recently declared himself a fan. In the past three years alone, Quelza has released seven EPs on labels such as Tommy Four Seven's 47, Eric Cloutier's Palinoia and Bas Mooy's MORD. Amsterdam-based VÂN ANH, meanwhile, has thus far focused entirely on the art of Djing – that is, when she wasn't hosting club nights in her hometown or festivals in the desert of Morocco. With an extremely hypnotic, precise sound, her sets explore various states of consciousness – mostly the higher ones. Quelza and VÂN ANH are playing at tonight's Klubnacht at Berghain, alongside fellow artists such as Adiel, Freddy K, rRoxymore and Tobias. (live). Welsh DJ and producer ELKKA named one of her EPs Euphoric Melodies, and not for nothing: her music feels perfectly designed for summer open-air parties with its pop-influenced arrangements, bouncing arpeggios and straight-up good vibes. An optimistic undertone that her counterparts Jennifer Loveless and Octo Octa also like to evoke in their sets.