Friday 09.06.2023 start 22:00

Jack Your Body

Panorama Bar

  • Red Pig Flower
  • NIKS B.A.D.
  • Luke Solomon
  • Honey Dijon Classic

Three years ago, London-based DJ NIKS created the Black Artist Database, a community-based platform bringing together her passion for music and social justice, with a focus on Black musicians and labels that promote them. In early June, she launched the related label B.A.D. with the same mission statement, its inaugural release a V/A comp featuring the likes of Afrodeusche, rRoxymore and DJ Holographic. NIKS will also prove her skills as a DJ at this edition of Honey Dijon's top-shelf party Jack Your Body, where she will be playing together with host, house producer and Classic operator Luke Solomun, plus Korean-Japanese DJ red pig flower.