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Tuesday 31.01.2023 doors 21:00 start 21:00

CTM - Bodily Overdrive


  • Audrey Chen, Hugo Esquinca, Doron Sadja "PIERCE" Live
  • Stefanie Egedy Live
  • Puce Mary Live
  • The Body Live


Sold Out

Age 18+

»PIERCE.« is a new work by Audrey Chen, Hugo Esquinca, and Doron Sadja that pushes beyond the physical limits of hyperextended voice through unstable arrangements for signal processing. Exploiting the specificities of Berghains sound system, the unpredictable voice/processing interplay combined with extreme lighting put performers and audience alike into states of vulnerability and persistence. SHAPE+ supported artist Stefanie Egedy will present her »A Sub-Bass Dose« live performance exploring the potential of sound waves – with a special focus on low-end emanations from high-powered subwoofers – to reverberate bodies and nervous systems into more relaxed states. Rooted in industrial noise, power electronics, and sound collage, Puce Mary will present new material ahead of a release on PAN. Prolific musical force The Body have over the course of two decades  consistently challenged categorization, redefining what it means to be a heavy band. They continue to push the boundaries to explore the extremes and microtonality of distortion. 

Sold out. Possibly a few tickets available at the box office.

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