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Friday 03.02.2023 doors 21:00 start 21:00



  • born in flamez
  • Mookie
  • LustSickPuppy Live
  • VMO a.k.a. Violent Magic Orchestra
  • Van Boom Live
  • Tzusing Bedouine Records
  • Marie Davidson
  • Lolsnake

Panorama Bar

  • Courtesy Kulør
  • Asep Nayak
  • Queen Asher ft. Reheema Tajiri w/Dancers
  • Hanaby
  • Nala Brown


25.00€ at the door

Age 18+

A member of Barcelonas experimental afro-diasporic collective Jokkoo, Mookie will fire up another club night at Berghain with punked and distorted afro-futuristic sounds, fried and hard. Blending elements of punk, gabber, drum & bass and rap, LustSickPuppy delivers equal parts glitter and blood through a live rave liturgy that takes audiences by the leash while offering the ride of a lifetime. Rave, black metal, industrial, and noise form an unholy alliance with art and music project VMO aka Violent Magic Orchestra. The intense mosh music of the six-piece collective from Japan has found a home on Gabber Eleganzas NEVER SLEEP label, which is slated to release their upcoming second album. Encoded into the giddy fragmentation and acidic crescendos of Van Booms music is a deep meditation on the meaning of difference and disobedience in very real circumstances. With a new full-length LP on PAN in the pipeline, Tzusing will venture into his blend of aggressive, cathartic music, inflected with off-kilter rhythms, textured harmonies, resonant drums and an occasional nod to the redemptive power of pop. Beloved for her heavy-lidded coldwave and synthpop with a touch of humor, Marie Davidson will appear with a fun-fuelled high-octane DJ set that cycles through straight-up techno, EBM, electro, and the occasional dip into psy trance. Lolsnake is the founder of the queer party Weeeirdos and has a love of hypnotic techno and harder sounds.

Up in Panorama Bar, Courtesy will spin high-impact techno, house, and dark electro. Her 2022 debut EP Night Journeys hints at the power of a well-tuned DJ ear turning to producer. West Papuan producer Asep Nayak comes to Europe for the first time. He has been redefining the local wisisi music of his home region, creating this relentless, fast paced euphoric sound asking us to just let go and have fun. Sisso affiliate Queen Asher is one of the few female singeli producers. She will perform with her mother Rehema Tajiri, a famed Tarraab and Singeli singer. They will be joined by the contagious movements of singeli dancers Nana and Zai. Moving from abrasive zouk and dancehall to afro-trance and Detroit techno is Crystallmess, Local Juice Soundsystem head honcho Hanaby is one of the fastest rising DJs in the 030 with her afro-electro sound, while Nala Brown blends Detroit techno, New York's new generation club, pop and r&b edits, and high energy percussion into highly infectious, danceable sets.

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