Wednesday 28.09.2022 doors 20:00 start 21:00

Kantine am Berghain


  • ZOUJ Live City Slang


18.67€ from DICE

ZOUJ is the most funked up hyper-pop noise band you haven’t heard about in 2022. “I’m trying to make my machines sound human by emulating errors, randomness and tempo ups-and-downs while i’m trying my best as a human to sound like a machine.” says Adam Abdelkader Lenox, the mind behind it all. For him it’s all about finding the soul in synthetic sounds. Equally inspired by videos games, DIY noise bands, Adult Swim and the overall feeling of things falling apart, ZOUJ creates the most genuine, reaffirming, surreal sounds of the year. ZOUJ is also more than a project by one person, it’s a scene on it’s own, a nebulous network of musicians, visual artist and an incredible live-band with up to five members delivering unreal live moments of equal parts dissonance and euphoria.

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