Sunday 17.07.2022 start 12:00



Exhibition of an interactive installation that fuse machinery, light and 4DSOUND


35.00€ from eventix

Age 18+

CODESS is an interactive installation with live performances, in which performers, machinery, light and sound merge. Temporarily, we are in the near future. The pandemic slowly becomes controllable, but the world is left exhausted. Smoke is rising, lights flicker on the horizon and hope is in the air. The voice of a promise whispers a soft welcome to a new world. A robot within a landscape of a large 4DSOUND system constitutes the immersive installation. The robot’s outstretched arm rotates around its associated body in a circle, interacting with and challenging the audience. During the performances, a group of twelve dancers will activate the landscape further. Their bodily movements will confront the ever-intensifying tension between the human body and the surrounding technology of our present society.

Curation: Idan Gilony
Sound Design: Dasha Rush
Spatial Sound Design: Dasha Rush and William Russell
Sound System: 4DSOUND
Movement Direction: Candela Capitan
Costume Design: UY Studio
Sound Experience Production: Monom Studios

Advance tickets via eventix

An UY Studio event