Saturday 16.09.2023 start 23:59



  • Primal State dessert
  • Luigi Di Venere Philoxenia
  • Roman Flügel Running Back
  • Zisko
  • Ogazón
  • Marcel Dettmann BAD MANNERS
  • Tasha Neighbourhood

Panorama Bar

  • Eva Be
  • Axel Boman Pampa
  • Roi Perez Ostgut Ton
  • Tama Sumo Ostgut Ton
  • nd_baumecker B2B Francesco Menduni Ostgut Ton


  • Ruby Savage
  • Nicola Cruz


  • Mathew Jonson Live Crosstown Rebels

Mathew Jonson has blessed the techno world some of its most seductive, mysterious moments – it's not for nothing that his 2005 classic “Marionette” was once described as “SH101 snake-charming techno with a genius melody.” For the past two decades, the Berlin-based Canadian has been releasing music that fuses organic funk, elements of live jazz, harrowing basslines and the infinite expanses of sci-fi techno – whether solo or with his live improv ensemble Cobblestone Jazz. After releasing mostly collaborative EPs over the past decade, his latest effort, Into The 5D, is a solo record that shows why he remains one of the most high-profile producers around. Tonight, Jonson plays live at Säule for Klubnacht. There will also be DJ sets by Roman Flügel, house eccentric Axel Boman from Sweden, Zisko from Argentinia and Ruby Savage from London, where she throws the post-punk disco party In Flames, and many more.