Friday 20.10.2023 start 22:00

Italorama Bar

Panorama Bar

  • Hysteric Mothball Records
  • Starion Live red laser
  • Il Bosco Red Laser
  • Shubostar
  • Paty Vapor b2b Franz Scala , Slow Motion

Red Laser Records was founded in 2012 in Manchester by DJ and party organiser Il Bosco, with a repertoire that perfectly at Italorama Bar with its Italo missiles, synth jizz sizzlers, analogue chuggers, boogie bombs, rave bangaz and acid heat. Also from Northwest England is today's live act Kid Machine, who, besides his releases on Red Laser, was picked up by Italo don I-F for his label Viewlexx, which put out his fantastic Replicants EP there in 2012: retro electro with a strong Italo disco influence. In turn, Australian DJ Hysteric is restoring lost and unjustly forgotten pearls of Italo history with his label Mothball Record, on which he has been releasing reissues as well as mixes and new material since 2011. Hysteric is playing tonight alongside Paty Vapor, Franz Scala and Shubostar.