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Tuesday 27.06.2023 start 19:00

Special Interest


  • Chola Y Gloria
  • Siksa Live
  • Special Interest Live


16.00€ from Berghain Tickets

17.00€ at the door

Age 18+

On every level, Special Interest is uncompromising: in their adventurous sound, their high-energy live performances, and their convictions. Dance music and punk culture have flirted in the warehouse before, but Special Interests desire to dismantle genre is informed by a larger abolitionist worldview that resists constraint, category, and conformity. Their music is a soundtrack to dancing the pain away as much as raging against injustice.

Siksa is a Polish slang word for a naive and sexually attractive young woman. It is also the band name adopted by two artists - spoken word poet and punk singer Alex Freixeit and bassist Buri - who have become adept at making certain sections of society uncomfortable. 

Danceable and body-contortable tunes will be performed by DJ team CHOLA Y GLORIA who dwell in realms of Cumbia, Reggaeton, Punk and various electronic and experimental styles.


Please respect the no-foto / no-video policy!

We would like to ask you to make a donation of min. 1€ for the Uganda LGBTQ Emergeny Fund at the entrance for this show. 

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