Thursday 01.06.2023 start 22:00



  • Different Shades
  • Spekki Webu
  • DINA

Ta-da! Starting in June, Säule will be open on a regular basis again, and musically, we're picking up where we left off three years ago – with a certain stylistic openness, sometimes faster or more rhythmically broken than what gets played on our other floors. Different Shades is a Melbourne-based Malaysian DJ who, as part of the LOADING_ERROR label, pushes a deep, bass-heavy and breaky sound. Berlin-based Canadian DINA plays and releases ravey techno at her Nachtcrew events and on the label of the same name. Hailing from the Netherlands, Spekki Webu started off in the jungle and gabba scene and over the past few years has developed a distinctive, hypnotic trance sound.