Thursday 08.06.2023 start 22:00



  • Abyss X
  • Miss Parker
  • Chippy Nonstop
  • Schacke Fast Forward

weeeirdos is a queer party series and platform in Berlin run by Lolsnake since 2017. For the first edition at Säule, there will be a live performance by Abyss X, an interdisciplinary artist from Crete who started her career as a dancer, theatre director and video designer. In her music, she fuses elements of pop, jazz, techno and noise, unified by her four-octave voice. Canada-based Chippy Nonstop is the founder of the Intersessions collective, a platform empowering women and non-binary people, and her music effortlessly switches between hard techno and other upbeat genres like footwork. Miss Parker is a DJ and party promoter from New York with an infectious passion for ravey dance music. Rounding off the lineup is Schacke from Copenhagen.