Friday 19.04.2024 start 22:00

Italorama Bar x Slow Motion

Panorama Bar

  • Giulia Gutterer Slow Motion
  • Charlie Live Wrong Era
  • Italo Deviance Slow Motion
  • Curses Wrong Era
  • Sesto Senso Slow Motion

Berlin-born Polish DJ and producer Charlie (no relation to “Spacer Woman”) is an active member of Krakow's underground dance scene. She is known for her event series SZUM and serves as co-director of the project space Elementarz Dla Mieszkańców Miast, recognized as one of the most influential art initiatives in the city. Her debut EP Cold Inside, inspired by synth-wave and Italo disco, was released on Ferry Lane Records in 2022. For tonight's edition of Italorama Bar x Slow Motion, Charlie will be playing live – complemented by DJ sets from artists on the Italian-German label, which has been championing the rich heritage of Italian dance music since 2009. For example, Marcello Giordani is appearing under his new alias Italo Deviance: Inspired by early NYC disco and the Chicago house scene as well as Italo and cosmic sounds of the early 80s, Giordani founded the blog Italo Deviance and a label of the same name in 2008. His prior Italo disco-influenced productions, released under his birth name, have appeared on labels such as Mule Musiq, Endless Flight and of course Slow Motion.