Friday 28.06.2024 start 22:00

Live From Earth Klub


  • DJ Gigola
  • Gabber Eleganza Never Sleep
  • Ascendant Vierge
  • Bauernfeind

Panorama Bar

  • PAU
  • Mietze Conte Live
  • Mura Masa
  • Digitalism Live
  • ISAbella

Up-and-coming Austrian band Mietze Conte play fast-paced hyperpop infused with surreally sweet melodies that have found a home on Sumoclic, a Brisbane-based label co-founded by Maxwell Byrne (1tbsp, Golden Vessel) and Connor Grant (Akurei). For the Live From Earth Klub party, they will be playing live at Panorama Bar. DJing will be Mura Masa, a British multi-instrumentalist and DJ who has been producing electronic music since the age of 15 who found fame eight years ago with his track “Love$ick” featuring ASAP Rocky. As co-founder of the queer party series and collective MARICAS, ISAbella from Spain has made her mark on Barcelona's club scene, known for her furiously energetic, 90s-inspired dance sound. Berghain welcomes the maximalist hardcore sound of Ascent Vierge and Gabber Eleganza as well as DJ Gigola.