o-ton 05

Ben Klock
Czeslawa / Warszawa


The fifth release on Ostgut Ton comes from Ben Klock, who you should already know from our vinyl debut „Dawning/Dead Man Watches The Clock“ he produced with Marcel Dettmann. When you hear „Czeslawa“ and „Warszawa“ on a a decent club pa, you will notice that Ben is not only an excellent team player, but also a very good soloist (a fact, he’s also proven on the Bpitch sublabel Memo, by the way). Pump up the bass!

„Czeslawa“ is a track Ben Klock tailor made for his sets at Berghain. „I wanted to have another hypnotic track for my sets which is not too much arranged. It should be a rather tool-y club track“, he says. And he definitely achieved his goal. „Czeslawa“ is a beast, slightly infused with acid, subtley grilling the dancefloor in a way you won’t forget too quickly. This is pure Techno for the wee hours of the morning.

„Warszawa“, the b side, focuses on something more musical and playful. Ben’s arrangement oozes with high spirits and a swing that makes this track a sure contestant for the primetime. And when those snappy strings set in, both rave veterans and novices will embrace each other blissfully. A sure shot!

Ben Klock | Czeslawa


Tracks VINYL

A: Czeslawa

B: Warszawa


Release date

February 05, 2007

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