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Marcel Dettmann | Wiedemann
Masse Remixes II


May 2013 saw the premiere of the choreography “Masse“: A co-production between Berghain and the Staatsballett Berlin. At the venue “Halle am Berghain“ several producers explored in collaboration with different choreographers the various meanings of the subject “Masse“ (English: mass): DIN, Henrik Schwarz, Dettmann | Wiedemann. Now, a year after the critically acclaimed stage production and parallel to the other music producers from “Masse“, Marcel Dettmann und Frank Wiedemann deliver two of the tracks remixed for the club.

There’s a swift introduction of the bass drum on “Spiritoso“: The syncopated, triggering and gently upward drifting original is now seeking the sheltering darkness of an enclosed space. Dettmann | Wiedemann are glazing a black light terrarium with the help of night-deep pianos, wheezing flags of echo and ghost lit keyboards. And the creatures inside elongate and dance towards a peculiar light.

The B-side “Martellato“ on the other hand heads for lift-off, the descending flight ends inside a soft net. The tripping buzz and pull of the original is transformed and spectres appear inside the track, constantly modulating, their faces keep shifting: a direct acoustic footprint of the subject mass.

Dettmann | Wiedemann | Spiritoso (Club Version)


01. Spiritoso (Club Version)
02. Martellato (Club Version)

Release date

June 23, 2014

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