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Deuce EP


Deuce - Marcel Dettmann and René Pawlowitz aka Shed could not have found a name more apt for their first collaborative effort ever. There's the Tennis reference - two players meeting at the same eye level in a healthy competition. There's the gambling reference - taking risks and having fun. And there's the mytholgical reference - the devil. Both Shed and Dettmann have been swapping musical ideas amicably for a while now. A lot of times, they play each other their newest production first. Due to Marcel's status as an in demand dj, he often gets the chance to test both his own and Shed's unreleased material's sound and impact on dancefloors worldwide. Sometimes Shed is there as well, on the dancefloor, ears pricked making notes in his mind on how to imrpove their latest work. It was just a logical step for them to bundle their individual efforts and to come up with a mutual project. Both being colleagues and partners during the day at the Hard Wax record store and during the night at the Berghain club has been the perfect starting point for their collaboration. "Twerp Wiz" is unadulterated peaktime techno: Its nagging sequence modulates insistently, the metalic percussion rustles and swishes incessantly, lastingly etching the track into the listener's mind. Here, Marcel's party knowledge and Shed's sonic expertise form a truly fruitful coalition. "Guttering" subsequently takes the tempo down a notch working with an unusual, but fresh sounding, rhythmic emphasis of the first beat of a bar. It is a massive track dunking dancers into deep concentration. Finally, a slamming reminiscence toChicago named "Cue Ed" completes this ep perfectly.

Deuce | Twerp Wiz


Tracks VINYL

A: Twerp Wiz

B1: Guttering

B2: Cue Ed

Release date

June 02, 2009

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