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Len Faki
Basement Trax Vol. 01


After a long break Len Faki makes a welcome return to Ostgut Ton with a new 12“. His „Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta“ EP for Ostgut Ton had a huge impact and Faki has gone from strength to strength in recent years. His new EP for the label entitled „Basement Trax Vol. 01“ is something of a departure from his signature sound, all the elements are still there but are paired with a new more restrained approach and basic rawness.

The A-Side „BTX1“ pairs a deep rolling beat with low frequency signals until finally a first vocal sample enters the mix and is underlayed with whipping percussion. Eventually a second and third vocal sample bounce off the first, gently pushing the track to another level.

The B1 track „BTX2“ introduces a more tribal beat structure but the hi-energy is paired with a distinct dub feel which is overlayed with a vast string arrangement and long drawn vocal sample, the track relies on it’s atmospheres to pump up the intensity, subtle shifts and breaks take the listener to satisfying heights.

Another surprise is the closing ambient track „BTX3“ where Faki displays an emotional tenderness full of bliss and calmness that seems to build from deep down in Faki’s techno roots right until the crashing finale and rounds off this varied and box breaking display of skill and panache.

Len Faki | BTX1


  • BTX1
  • BTX2
  • BTX3


Release date

February 25, 2013

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