o-ton ltd 02

Len Faki
Rainbow Delta


The second 12“ in the ostgut.de-exclusive LTD series comes from Len Faki. “Rainbow Delta“ from only the fourth 12“ on Ostgut Ton released in 2007 managed to perfectly capture the Berghain Sunday morning sound, this special atmosphere, right after the peak time, the climax. A deep and floating Techno track with dub chords and perfectly set percussion; pumping and contemplative at the same time. At Berghain today this moment might have shifted to Monday mornings but Len Faki’s track still reflects this mood the same way it did then. Similar to the O-TON LTD 01 the B-side features a remix of the original, here it is the Jerome Sydenham version taken from O-TON 08, which transforms the track into a very heavy, deep techno track. Both the original vinyl records are long out of print and here both versions of “Rainbow Delta“ are issued side by side for the first time. Strictly limited there will only be one pressing of this EP and again it is issued in the embossed Ostgut Ton sleeve without further words.

Sold out.

Len Faki | Rainbow Delta


  • Rainbow Delta
  • Rainbow Delta (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

Release date

April 07, 2014

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