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Marcel Fengler
Enigma EP


Berghain resident Marcel Fengler is one of the frontmen of raw and forward pushing techno. Judging by his previous three EPs for the label, it’s clear to see how Fengler's work revolves around a love for tough, angular and edgy tools for the floor. This fourth offering continues the energy with three jacking, factory-forged tracks leading us further down his mysterious path.

Like a hot-headed live jam in a humid Chicago basement, 'Rapture' gathers up all the energy of classic house, infuses it with a pacy no-nonsense progression and then throws it into the deepend. Rumbling bass and straight, raw percussion make this a perfectly funky blend of high and low, downstairs and up.

'RazKaz' jumps off the platter with nervous intensity as a warbling synth scape massages itself into our consciousness. Heavy percussion underpins this tender fugue with ear-pleasing texture and grit. The track summises that special place in electronic music where unfamiliar melodic elements play on the emotions, warming and provoking thought, while driving the dance instinct ever forward.

The B side carries the deeper voyage that is 'Enigma'. Droning, melancholic tones swirl organically under the heavy barrage of chattering drums and Fengler's trademark fizzing hats. A moment of transience, this powerful recording allows for inner reflection while pinning us to the groove devotedly.

Marcel Fengler | Rapture


Tracks VINYL

A1: Rapture

A2: RazKaz

B: Enigma


Release date

September 27, 2010

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