o-ton 09

Marcel Fengler
Playground / Early Glow


Marcel Fengler is a resident DJ at Berghain. With our 9th release he finally also delivers his debut as a producer.

The a side, „Playground“, can be looked at as the result of a two year testing phase of sonic possibilites available to him. Fengler has worked a lot with Marcel Dettmann over the last few years; a busy exchange which left its traces on this record. „Playground“ is a peaktime Techno track with a metallic scraping noise, refined percussion and a huge kick paving the way for a anihilating, noisy bonfire after the break. Or as Marcel Fengler simply puts it in his own words: „A lot of movement without falling into loop-y lethargy too much.“ This is definitely not designed for the lazy after hour.

As its title already hints at it, „Early Glow“ is menat to be played out in the early morning hours, when you have time to breathe deeply, but didn’t give it all just yet. Marcel is rolling out a carpet of fragmented chords with pads rushing in and out. The track developes the sort of rhythmic hypnosis, which Berlin crowds have learned to love so much. These tracks are classic morse codes from the depths of club space.

Marcel Fengler | Playground


Tracks VINYL

A: Playground

B: Early Glow


Release date

August 27, 2007

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