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Marcel Fengler
Twisted Bleach EP


Since 2007, Marcel Fengler has released one record per year, making Twisted Bleach his third 12“ ever only – quality over quantity. With such an economic release policy it also always remains exciting which direction the Berghain resident took this time.

Accordingly, Twisted Bleach is quite a surprise, as Fengler delivers a fresh and convincing Dance-Mania update, infusing his homage to a dirty Chicago sound with a House swing and dry humour. This is insanely funky and it fills the gap between Traxmen and Sound Stream effortlessly.

„Gridlock“ on the flip has been a staple in Marcel’s set for a while now and has already earned the label „Berghain approved“. This heavily atmospheric track pretends a certain immovability, yet it moves almost unnoticed, building dense tension from behind.

Like „Yaki“ on Marcel’s last Ostgut Ton release, „Chi Twine“ sees him experimenting with broken rhythms once again. Here, he pays tribute to his HipHop past by fusing electro beats with techno qualities making for an atmospheric scifi track for the wee hours.


A1: Twisted Bleach
A2: Gridlock

B: Chi Twine


Release date

August 24, 2009

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