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Southbound | Pink Flamingos


„Southbound/Pink Flamingos“ is not only MyMy’s debut release on Ostgut Ton, it also is the first full 12“ release after their critically acclaimed album „Songs For The Gentle“ on Playhouse in october 2006. And who else but Lee Jones and Panorama Bar resident DJ Nick Höppner could sum up the probably most beautiful, recent House sound?

With this 12“, MyMy move away from their narrative trademark sound. Instead of a rather techy style, the duo wades kneedeep through Deephouse territory. In doing so, MyMy successfully pick up the threads their „Butterflies & Zebras“ Ep on Aus Music in 2006 left behind: They deliver two percussive, swinging House tools with irresistible grooves unflinchingly carrying dancers through the night, seemingly effortless. Both tracks are equally timeless; like purring siamese cats, Pears soap and old Prescription records put together. This is Gentlemen’s music .

MyMy | Southbound


Tracks VINYL

A: Southbound

B: Pink Flamingos


Release date

February 25, 2008

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