o-ton 45

Norman Nodge
The Happenstance EP


Berghain resident Norman Nodge offers up his first full EP for Ostgut Ton with three contemplative tracks; expanding and contracting with countless subtleties and enriched with bold artistic license.

„The Happenstance“ is an enthused explorations into the many musical zones existing outside of Techno. A warm and fresh embodiment of 80s wave electronica - like a classic Carpenter score - only a few elements are needed for his narrative to shine. The impression of distant melodies exist in purposefully excluded moments of rest, where Nodge uses restrain rather than release to interact with our very perception of the music.

A fuller club cut, „Body to Body“ floats into spacious, acidic zones. With the impression of sinking into a disorientating, resonating industrial space, this snaking and hypnotic exercise takes us in a very different yet equally rewarding direction to its sweeter A-side cousin.

An ornate exercise in reduction and challenging timing, „Breakdown“ is a slow and measured display of Nodge's unique synthesised visions. This short exploration piece is a brave and gritty suggestion of what's to come next from this talented producer.


Tracks VINYL

A: The Happenstance

B1: Body To Body

B2: Breakdown


Release date

March 07, 2011

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