Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, Phillip Sollmann
Panama / Suez


Panama / Suez is the first EP by trio Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger and Phillip Sollmann (aka Efdemin). The three multi-instrumentalists collaborated with the goal of creating subtly shifting musical passageways: sonic routes that run between continents of musical category.

The results are two variations of kraut-y, groove-based post-techno that unfurl through mutating polyrhythms and chiming, ethereal guitar play – a rare moment of guitar and techno in deep embrace.

With a potential to sustain energy on experimental dancefloors, Panama / Suez lives from Ambarchi, Sprenger and Sollmann’s diverse input while reflecting a common penchant for both pop and the hypnotic.


01. Panama (Original)
02. Suez (Version)

Guest appearances

All tracks written and produced by Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, Phillip Sollmann

Published by Copyright Control (Sprenger, Sollmann), Touch Music / Fairwood Music (Ambarchi)


Nadja Abt | Yusuf Etiman [Layout]


Gavin Weiss at Gavin Weiss Mastering, Hamburg 2018
Premix by Kassian Troyer

Release date

August 31, 2018

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