o-ton 43

5 To 8 EP


We don't need to tell you that Rolando is a figure synonymous with the roots of Techno. Regularly DJing in Berghain, his unique brand of techno and heavy electronic funk has continued to evolve naturally into the sound you'll hear today. On Rolando's first 12'' for the label, we find two diverse tracks each shedding light on the different poles of his current sonic focus. Ben Klock featured both „De Cago“ and „Junie“ on his „Berghain 04“ mix, and now we can enjoy the full tracks in their own right. The proud heritage of „De Cago“ is clear from the outset, yet Rolando works crisp modern drums and edgy acidic synths into the mix, resulting in a potent concoction of jacking, edgy Technofunk. Unapologetically raw and gritty - and all the better for it - is „Junie“. Introducing a different production methodology, this multi-layered half-tempo exploration into eerie harmonics and slow building passages is the latest incarnation of Rolando's emotional and instinctive melody writing.


Tracks VINYL

A: De Cago

B: Junie

Release date

January 17, 2011

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