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Ryan Elliott
Rocksteady EP


The latest addition to the Ostgut roster, Detroit's Ryan Elliott, is a recognised force on the international DJ circuit - yet his productions are few and far between. Now re-located in Berlin, the new Berghain resident contributed his track „Abatis“ to the „Fünf“ anniversary compilation, setting the tone with dark and brooding Techno undercurrents. These two new tracks bring Ryan's production skills to the fore; both slow burning and refined recordings that show off his love for bassline-led, straight forward club tools.

The defined stabs and sinister interiors of „Rocksteady“ clearly echo Elliott's US background, with its mechanical undulations and classic, simple arrangement leaving plenty of space to for the listener to interpret and ruminate.

„Steadyrockin“ enters more melodic zones as textural backgrounds fluctuate underneath an addictive theme whose intricate dance weaves a satisfying tale of tension and release. Expanding on the free flowing principles of „Rocksteady“ its a fresh and promising new chapter for Ryan Elliott.

Ryan Elliott | Rocksteady


01. Rocksteady
02. Steadyrockin

Release date

February 21, 2011

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