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Ryan Elliott
Stepmode EP


Ryan Elliott presents his second 12“ EP for Ostgut Ton. His groovy US-Sound is still present in these new productions and the „Stepmode EP“ builds a bridge between euphoria and darkish club moments. As with his previous 12“ for the label, the „Rocksteady EP“, the Detroit-born Elliott only needs two tracks on 45rpm to define his sound.

„Stepmode“ begins with flowing hi-hats and scratched shakers as Ryan prepares the audience for his groove. The following combination of tender synths and funky vocals, that are merely touched upon and sent through the echos just at the right point in time, complete a flawless theme.

The two sides of this EP couldn’t fit together any better; perfect to submerge is the mood on „Stillsteppin“ which feels darker compared to the euphoric counterpiece on the A-side. The hypnotic strings and delay infused strokes seem to melt almost unnoticed with the haunted stabs and driving bassline. By way of a classic arrangement the „Stepmode EP“ reaches an end that leaves us surprisingly comfortable inside a musical discord.

Ryan Elliott | Stepmode


  • Stepmode
  • Stillsteppin

Release date

June 17, 2013

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