o-ton 47

Various Artists
Panorama Bar 03


Compiled and mixed by Prosumer whose own productions worship the big old lady that is house music time and time again, the 12-Inch sampler for “Panorama Bar 03” could have hardly been better. Hitherto unreleased, the tree tracks on Ostgut Ton 47 tick all the boxes that make Prosumer such a unique DJ: house in its various identities. Soundstore starts the triptych with “Take U”. Greatness and frantic fever visions go hand in hand while hitting the core of Chicago’s second wave: Dance Mania, Cajual, and Relief with siren-like hooks in a feverish delirium. Irresistible. Prosumer’s Panorama Bar fellow Steffi slows down the pace. “Sadness” that surprisingly did not make it on her album debut is not only the opener of the actual Panorama Bar mix, but also a tribute to that kind of “deep house” that doesn’t take its prefix lightly. In the end, Berlin’s Hunee teaches you a freestyle lesson. In a similar way to the young Pal Joey, he feeds his sampler a well-known dish, but throws in peculiarity, rascality and deviation to get new results. After all the time, this music is still not getting a bit long in the tooth. Let’s take a love break!


A: Soundstore | Take U

B1: Steffi | Sadness
B2: Hunee | A Leaf For Hand In Hand

Release date

May 02, 2011

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