Virginia 001

Funkert / Raverd


Extended and Dub versions of “Funkert” and “Raverd”, both songs taken from the Virginia album Fierce For The Night.

Limited stickered white label 12".

Virginia - Raverd [Official Music Video | Ostgut Ton]

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Virginia | Funkert (Extended)


  • Funkert (Extended)
  • Funkert (Dub)
  • Raverd (Extended)
  • Raverd (Dub)

Written & produced by Martijn Deijkers, Steffie Doms & Remy Verheijen
Arrangement by Steffie Doms, mixdown by Steffie Doms & Remy Verheijen
A1. & B1. lyrics written by Virginia Högl, vocals by Virginia


Lukas Julius Keijser


Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering, Berlin

Release date

April 22, 2016

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