Friday 26.04.2024 start 22:00



  • SIM
  • DJ Lag
  • Neffa-T
  • Darwin B2B Esposito

Panorama Bar

  • Yushh
  • GЯEG
  • MSJY
  • Calibre

As usual, this edition of REEF dives deep with a sonic selection ranging from techno, drum'n'bass and house to South African dance music styles such as amapiano and Afrotech. A royal rep of gqom is DJ Lag, who taught himself to DJ and produce as a teenager in Durban. As the charismatic figurehead of a vibrantly creative regional scene, he is not only responsible for some of its most powerful and catchy tracks, but has also confidently pushed the boundaries of a subculture with his collaboration with Beyoncé and his cross-genre debut album, Meeting With The King. Bristol-based Neffa-T has made a name for himself with his technical ability in mixing tracks. His skillful sets, mixed on four to six decks, include dubstep, techno, grime and more. The Belfast-born painter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Calibre has now released 24 albums, which are just as diverse as his DJ sets, ranging from drum 'n' bass to dub, techno, house, ambient, jazz, soul, blues and folk. Born in Mauritius, GЯEG is a resident of the Parisian party Le Creole and mixes jungle, techno and house with sounds from the African diaspora.