o-ton 35

André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh
Freya / Mauersegler


Berghain / Panoramabar resident André Galluzzi kick started Ostugt Ton almost 5 years ago with his pivotal Berghain 01 mix CD. Now he finally returns home alongside close colleague Dana Ruh, with this 2 track foray into cutting-edge hypnotic territories. Alongside her forthcoming collaborations with Galluzzi, and a new label forged by André, Dana Ruh runs the respected Broquade platform where her elegant inclinations in sound can be explored further.

Traversing the dizzy boundaries between DJ tool and extended moment of elation, both tracks come across like a snapshot in time; a special moment preserved. 'Freya' is an understated cut whose attitude lies within the strength of insistent drum patterns, the long rolling arrangement and no-nonsense resolutions. Fluttering vocal utterances and dadaist crescendos characterise this refined ode to percussion.

'Mauersleger' weaves a more urgent path, trailing off deeper into the forest in search of clandestine thrills. Tripping delay effects and a gentle dose of softly voiced manipulations lock the listener into this undulating slice of next wave minimalism.

André Galluzzi | Dana Ruh | Freya


Tracks VINYL

A: Freya

B: Mauersegler

Release date

May 10, 2010

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