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Kobosil offers up the fifth release on Ostgut Ton’s sister label Unterton. After his self released debut EP “RK3” a signature sound becomes apparent on the second EP titled “- -----”, a style that places him somewhere between noise, techno and the verve for sobriety. The opening track merely insinuates futurism, through its cadence with analog connotations “Contact” places itself firmly between years past and tomorrow.
The throbbing, psychedelic sci-fi theme of “Aggregate”, as well as “Osmium” with it’s emphatic, steadily rising synth-line, may be declared as purist techno, if the brooding character apparent in Kobosil’s productions falls below the decks. The EP concludes with “Herschel” in a decelerating instruction for a through space drifting ambient track that grants access at the same time as underlining what constitutes Kobosil’s music: singularity.

Kobosil | Contact


Tracks VINYL

A1: Contact

A2: Aggregate

B1: Osmium

B2: Herschel

Release date

September 02, 2013

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