o-ton 08

Len Faki
Delta Remixes


Our eighth release is coming with two monstrous remixes for Len Faki’s „Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta“ ep (Ostgut Ton 04). As remixers Len has chosen two artists he already appreciates for a long time. There’s Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records) from New York, who treated „Rainbow Delta“ on the one hand, and on the other there’s Adam Beyer (Drumcode) from Sweden, who remixed „Mekong Delta“.

Had the original of „Rainbow Delta“ been sort of a crossover track with housy chords and dreamy moments, Sydenham interprets it as a very heavy and deep Techno track, which thrusts forward in such a massive way, we didn’t even dare to dream of. By using loads of reverb and space, he creates a cinemascopic wall of sound pushing dancers and listeners to unknown heights. This is New York Trance in its best sense!

On the flip Adam Beyer presents himself absolutely en forme. His workout melts „Mekong Delta“ into a bomb, which shouldn’t fail to set dancefloors on fire this summer. Promised! After a soft build up, a massive kick in, very tricky and pushy percussion combined with SciFi effects and the rave organ from the original, you certainly will know how to spell „Hit“! Stockholm Techno Swing!

Len Faki | Rainbow Delta (Jerome Syndenham Remix)


Tracks VINYL

A: Rainbow Delta (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

B: Mekong Delta (Adam Beyer Remix)


Release date

June 25, 2007

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